Self Marketing for Creative’s


Self marketing for creative’s Learning to blow your own trumpet!

In today’s competitive market, relying only on producing great work is risky and will not help you to find, engage or build audiences or employer’s interest in you or your practice.

No one else can sell, tell and engage others about your work as well as you can. Deploying simple marketing approaches to your practice will help you to manage how others perceive you as a creative professional.  A good marketing strategy should aim to;

  • Make you visible to others.
  • Help you stand out from the crowd by differentiating your practice from your competitors.
  • Build trust in you as a creative.
  • As well as help you to find and engage with audiences and/or employers.

When marketing your practice there are some key things to consider such as; your audience, your message and the outcome that you want from your marketing activity.  ARTQUEST has a range of great resources on how, why and when to market your work. For further details see;  or request the companion handout, ‘Self Marketing for Creative’s’ from the GSACareers

Artists, Designers and Architects all market their practice in some way. Undertake some research on how other creative professionals get their messages out there. See Design Trusts how to research the market:  Record; what works, what doesn’t and what elements can be adapted to meet your needs… Check out Creativeboom’s inspiration pages to get you started.

Still not sure about marketing your practice, here are my top six ways to market creative practice to get you started;

  • Business cards: Is probably the simplest way of self promotion. Make sure that you have a business card with you at all times. Make sure that your business card features; your name, contact details and information about your creative practice. You would be amazed about how many business cards I have seen that have some of this information missing! Business cards don’t have to be fancy and are fairly inexpensive but worth every penny!
  • Social media: Connect with like- minded practitioners, employers and audiences to find out about opportunities, trends in your sector as well as to research other /competitor’s approaches within the sector and don’t forget to tell others about your practice. For more information on using social media to promote your work see the academy pages on: Creativeboom .
  • Networking:  meeting people is a great way of marketing. If you know what you have to offer, talking about your work to others will become easier and help you to ‘sell’ your unique points more effectively. For further details see Artquest
  • Newsletters: Build up a list of family, friends, and audience, and with their permission, send out  newsletters that highlight; your practice, projects that you are working on and developments in your career.  Remember to keep it interesting and supportive of your brand, network and your reputation.  See Artbiz blog for further advice:
  • Press releases: Press releases are a great way to; expand and reach new audiences, highlight your work to media when you have something to announce, build up-to-date content for your website as well as enabling others to share your information. Find out more about writing press releases on Artquest
  • Website: When building your website make sure you are clear in its purpose. Attract audiences by linking your social media activity to it and ensure your site is picked up by search engines. (Become educated in Search Engine Optimization- SEO- which will help you to build your online presence.)  If building a website is not possible, why not try blogging instead…..

Finally, if you are not promoting your work, who will?  So don’t be shy……

Want to find out more about marketing your work email for the companion handout and come along to Self Marketing for creative’s event.  Wednesday 10th October 2012 4-5pm Bourdon Lecture theatre.

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