Introduction to Social Media


Introduction to Social Media

What is social media?… social media is a catch all term used to describe interactive,  web based platforms that enable individuals /groups to share ideas, communication, networks and content online. Social media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, WordPress, Instagram are fast becoming an essential element in everyday life. Last week facebook reached its 1 billionth user, if it was a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world!

Being a competent user of social media is becoming an important graduate attribute.  A recent Guardian report, suggested that graduates who have social media skills are more likely to get promoted than those who don’t. Guardian careers  However, social media is much more than a tool for career advancement, great social media skills will support you to; build fantastic sector networks, gain up to date sector knowledge, manage your online professional persona, highlight your skills to employers and keep you ahead of trends.

So the main question is, are you using social media to its fullest?

If you are new user to social media and not sure what it is about why not take some time to reach various platforms. There are differences in social media, for example; Facebook is a social networking site ( which is great for posting comments, up loading images,  creating pages etc) while twitter is micro blogging (where you create content in 140 characters or less, fantastic if you are short on time!). You may find that one approach suits your style more than others. Creativeboom has a range of support and advice to get you started on developing a social media approach to your practice. See the academy pages on .

Whatever way you choose to engage on social media there are a few golden rules to follow,  or what Creativeboom calls ‘netiquette’ , that will help you build a great reputation online.

The Golden Rules:

  1. Stay focused on what it is you want to say, be sincere, polite and positive and give people a reason to follow or like you.
  2. Don’t be competitive, negative or critical of others, remember when you post online is it is permanent.
  3. Get talking, sharing and caring, remember it is social media, avoid broadcasting and build relationships. Don’t forget to respond to comments, contacts or questions.
  4. Update your activity regularly and be aware of the quality of your posts.
  5. Enjoy it, innovate it and keep going with it…

Want to find out more about social media and your practice? Why don’t you email and ask for the companion handout and come along to Introduction to Social Media event.  Wednesday 17th October 2012 4-5pm Bourdon Lecture theatre.

Some useful resources to get you thinking:

Artists guide to twitter:

Facebook for Artists:

Youtube Linkedin Grad Guide:

Best tumbler blogs for designers:

Thanks for the Image Good Wives and Warriors !

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  1. […] Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are increasing in importance for students and new graduates professional toolkit.  Not got an online presence yet or have put off developing one because you  haven’t got any spare time? The summer months are your opportunity to really explore what social media practice can mean to you and your creative practice. Not  sure what social media is? GSACareers introduction to social media is a good starting point: […]

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