Making the Most of Linkedin….

Linkedin more than just a place for your CV…..its a place to be seen as a professional….

With over 175 million members worldwide Linkedin is one of the fastest growing social media sites for professionals.

Put simply, LinkedIn helps you to receive and exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities within your professional sector. Linkedin’s functions enable you to: upload your CV and portfolio, visualise your professional network, find new contacts,  follow sector groups, search for jobs,  research companies and their employees and be visible to them.

With such as professional focus, Linkedin is a fantastic tool to showcase skills and abilities in a career context for students and new graduates.  Many employers are now using Linkedin to help them to find, research and approach potential employees. As Denise Taylor recently highlighted within her Guardian careers blog,  ‘Has Linkedin taken over from the CV’, your  Linkedin profile will  build an active and developing CV and career portfolio that can be endorsed by others as well as  be constantly refreshed and updated.

Most students are aware of Linkedin, often taking the steps to build a short CV on their Linkedin profile but not fully exploiting its potential. If you do have a Linkedin profile make sure that it is helping you to establish your career. Key points to think about are:

  • Including a professional photograph of yourself, as this will build trust and help you to be found easily.
  • Building a great summary about; who you are, your skills and your practice and keep it updated.
  • Asking for recommendations and endorsements of your skills from your current network.
  • Ensuring that your profile is reflective you, your motivations and your skills as a professional by including your portfolio, your showreel, your most recent projects and activities.
  • Using active language and all the word count available to ensure that your Linkedin profile is 100% complete.
  • Joining groups and being active on them.
  • Regularly searching for jobs to build your sector knowledge and understanding what current employers are looking for.
  • Constantly building your professional network in a focused way.

Remember that Linkedin is a professional online environment, be aware of your etiquette at all times and never do anything online that you wouldn’t do in person. Check out the Linkedin Grad guide: for advice.

Want to find out more about how to use LinkedIn professionally, email and ask for the companion handout and come along to Linkedin event on Wednesday 24th October 2012 4-5pm Bourdon Lecture theatre or make an appointment to speak with our careers adviser directly.

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