Are Graduate Opportunities for Creative Graduates?

Graduate Job Options…..

Go to any Higher Education Career Service at the moment and there will be a buzz in the air regarding graduate vacancies and deadlines.

The message is clear-Final year students, it’s time to attend those career fairs, make applications and get that graduate job that will steer your career to success!…but what does this mean for creative graduates, are there any graduate vacancies out there that fit creative skill sets and ambition??

The quick answer to this question is  YES!

A high percentage of graduate employment opportunities are for non specified degrees at 2:1 level or above: , in other words, the graduate employer is often looking for potential, personal qualities and abilities of graduate rather than a particular degree subject. This was evidenced recently by an ADECCO survey that found that 91% of graduate recruiters hold attitude and personality in greater esteem than academic qualifications when assessing new recruits.

So what skills are they looking for? This will depend largely on the company that you are applying to. Although in general, your graduate attributes such as; project management, independent creative thinking, business acumen, communication and research skills, combined with relevant work experience will be a huge asset,  not forgetting about your creativity and innovation…..Not sure how this fits into graduate employment? NESTA produced a great report in 2008, that highlighted the benefits of Fine Art graduates in non creative sectors; see here for the full report: . Your creative skills are highly prized by employers; so make sure you articulate them well.

So, what kind of graduate vacancies are there?  Simple answer to this is  graduate employment is not all about large companies, they can be from a diverse range of sectors  and employers such as: retail, charity,  social enterprises, engineering , construction , logistics, advertising, media to MI5…see here for vacancies; Prospects: or here Milkround: or here Graduate Jobs and Times Top 100 Graduate Employers

So if you are a confident, quick learner who is organised with excellent people skills and not sure where your creative degree is taking you, why not explore the world of graduate employment and find out what graduate employers can offer you beyond your studies.

Want to find out more about Graduate Employers,  email for the companion handout and come along to the ‘Graduate employment and job hunting’,  session on Wednesday 28th November 2012 4-5pm Bourdon Lecture Theatre.

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  1. That is a good opportunities for all the graduates.In Finland there are many of job vacancies and recruiting agencies that really give many of graduates a opportunity to get a job.Well i am also glad that you shared it because we all know that even their is a lot of job vacancies there is also a lot of unemployed people.

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