Deutsche Bank Award in Creative Practice 2013…for the journey

Tuesday 22nd January 2013 will see the long awaited launch of this year’s Deutsche Bank Award in Creative Practice. The award gives £10,000 to one final year GSA student or group to establish a business project in their first year of graduation.

I always enjoy the launch of this event, not only do I get to see and speak to students who are really interested in creative business, but there is always a buzz in the air, an exciting mix of creativity, ideas and anticipation.

Its really inspiring and reminds me of why GSA graduates are unique in the graduate market. Put simply they are; driven, motivated individuals whose imaginative approach to projects always ensure innovative, diverse outcomes. Our Deutsche Bank judges, always comment that they never review two projects that are the same and the wealth of originality is always staggering.

For me the Deutsche Bank Award is not only about the winner and the £10, 000.  It is about all the students who undertake the journey of making an application. The experience of bringing together their; idea, focused research and business training offered by Max Comfort (the Deutsche Bank business trainer) into a professional business plan, is invaluable.

In fact, many students who apply to the Deutsche Bank Award will go on to launch successful creative businesses in their first year of graduation. These new graduates tell me that the experience of the Deutsche Bank Award really supported them to focus and prepare their business idea as well as helped them to quickly capitalise on business opportunities as a graduate.

So I hope that you will join me on Tuesday and find out how the Deutsche Bank Award can expand your business knowledge, experience, creative thinking and graduate plans…….


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