The value in volunteering

downloadNext week the Glasgow 2014 team will be hosting  an event at GSA. This event,  open to all of our staff and students, will highlight the wealth of volunteer opportunities available as part of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The  Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are Glasgow and Scotland’s biggest ever sporting event to date.To ensure that this event is a huge success,  the  Glasgow 2014 team are currently recruiting  up to 15,000 friendly people to volunteer and help support the running of the events.

So why come along to the event ? Apart from learning  more about the 2014 Games, the event  is  also an ideal opportunity to explore how volunteering can make a significant impact on you,  your skills and your experience. So if you haven’t considered volunteering  as part of your professional development,  here are my reasons why you should….

So why volunteer?Volunteering is

  •  A great way to contribute to and support causes that have an impact on individuals and the wider community.
  • A great way to develop new skills.
  • A great way to try out different jobs and career options.
  • A great way to expand your network with like minded people and  professionals.
  • It can lead to employment,  many employers recognise that volunteering can build an individuals confidence, as well as demonstrates a high level of  motivation and professional skills for the work place.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to work,  73% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteering experience over one who doesn’t:
  • Finally the Glasgow 2014 volunteer opportunity is a great way to expand your cultural awareness and international network.

See link for further articles on the benefits of volunteering:

EVENT: Glasgow 2014 Presentation Thursday 7th February 2013  12 noon. Mackintosh Lecture Theatre GSA

Find out more about Glasgow 2014 here:


Applications to the Glasgow 2014 volunteer programme are open until 28 February 2013


Find out more about volunteering:

Voluntary Arts:

Volunteer Scotland:



Third sector internships:


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