The Art of Perfect Pitching……

Pitching images (1)
….. is a must have skill for today’s creative practitioner. Pitching is more than giving a presentation and informing  your audience, its persuasive and builds your audiences trust, understanding and confidence in you, your ideas or product .

You will deliver pitches throughout your professional life. Whether you are  presenting your latest concept to clients, seeking funding for your business or project, engaging a team of colleagues or connecting with new audiences and networks your ability to pitch will be an essential  element to your professional success.

Part of great pitching is being really clear about your pitch’s purpose and  writing a great script to tell your story. The other key ingredient  is to truly engage with your audience.   Having a  clear understanding  about who  your audiences are,  will help you to shape an approach to your pitch that will say something  of value to them and if they value  it, they will remember it and they will want to engage with you.

The king of all pitching is the late Steve Jobs. He knew his audiences inside out, he knew what they valued and wanted. This enable him to pitch  to his audiences in a concise and simple way and as a result his pitching style is highly persuasive and engaging.  This YouTube clip is a great example of  Steve Jobs in action: 

Remember,by successfully engaging your audience,  it is likely that they want to continue to communicate with you. Jon Steel,   in his book  ‘Perfect Pitch’ suggests that as presenter,  achieving participation from your audience can be highly advantageous to your pitching style:

“better presentations, take on the form of a question mark. They signal the start of a new thought: an invitation, a challenge to the audience to get involved, to bring something of themselves to your communication. They are going to do it anyhow, so why not make it work for  you?…you should aim to make your audience willing accomplices in your presentation.”   

So, the next time that you are asked to pitch and  before you launch into your PowerPoint and get lost in the animation toolkit,  do your research, understand your audience needs and consider how you are going to get the conversation started with them…..

Here are my top 4 tips to get you started:

  • Keep it simple – great pitches are short and to the point and have a clear message.
  • Tell your story from problem to solution, think like a movie director, make sure your pitch has a definite start, middle and end.
  • Involve your audience when you can. Have a  memorable reveal moment that surprises your audience and  keeps them connected to your core message.
  • Great pitches will encourage great questions, so have great answers prepared.

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Dr Martens Commission…….£1500 to be won

The brief

This is an exclusive brief to Glasgow School of Art students and recent graduates. We have long admired the work of GSA students and as some of the most exciting and innovative artists within the Glasgow area we want you to look at bringing our brief to life, to represent modern Glaswegian art within the store.
Conceptualise and produce a piece of work to bring Glasgow to life in the store. The design should celebrate Glaswegian icons and be distinctively Dr Martens. We want you to build on our brand pillars of self-expression, creativity, music and Britishness. Use our signature design feature such as the yellow welt stitch, ox-blood and black leather, Airwair heel loop, or the iconic 1460 boot silhouette as references.
Your design will be presented behind the till point of our new store on Sauchiehall Street providing a focal point for visitors. Depending on your chosen technique this will either be hung or applied directly onto the wall.
Students need to be mindful that whilst the displays need to be highly impactful, DM’s is operating this event on a tight budget and therefore concepts need to be realistic with one eye on cost. Concepts should be timeless in design and be able to be physically produced to a high standard so that they can stay in up for years to come.
Address: Dr. Martens 50 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3AH
Space: 3608 mm high 2390 mm wide. The work can be applied directly onto the wall or be hung from the wall. If hung please be considerate of a consistent space around the canvas/frame on the wall.
We also want you to capture your creative process on film – this could be through a stop frame animation or through another filming technique – you may want to collaborate with another student or recent graduate that specialises in this area to strengthen your entry. It is important that the film compliments the Dr. Martens aesthetic as we would host it on our official YouTube channel.
The finished film should be no longer than five minutes. Below are links of examples of previous films artists have produced.
For inspiration and to find out more about our history please see appendix
We are keen to promote the work so there may also be media opportunities associated with the project. All students applying to take part must make themselves available for a media interview. The artist, work and film will also be profiled on our social channels to over half a million people.
Entry Process
Please submit the following
– an image of your design
– a 500 word supporting statement (including plans for filming)
– a forecast budget for materials.
Submissions should be made to and the deadline is 9am on 18th Feb 2013
The winning student will receive £1500 for the commission of this piece. This sum includes the cost of all materials, production of the artwork and producing the film. The student will be chosen by Dr.Martens and all decisions are final.