Developing your artist CV……..

images (2)Your artist CV is a great tool to demonstrate your level of visual practice and professionalism to curators, funders and residency providers.  It is not the same as an employment CV, as it is packed full of details about your artistic practice, such as your arts education, training, exhibitions, commissions and awards etc. (See Artquest to find out what other elements feature on your Artist CV:  ). The aim of your  artist CV is to build trust in others about you and your visual practice.

Throughout your GSA experience you will have been exposed  to a range of opportunities that will have helped develop your artist CV. Opportunities such as year group exhibitions, live and public art  projects and collaborative practice,  all of which contribute to your  artist CV. So, when writing your artist CV take care to detail all your visual practice and include titles, dates and online links  (where possible) and ensure that you artist CV is as comprehensive as it can be.

Don’t leave writing your artist CV to the last minute. Continuously consolidating, developing and writing your Artist CV throughout your GSA experience, is a fantastic way to reflect on your emerging practice and will help you to discover where your experience gaps are.  Don’t ignore any gaps, always explore how you might increase your experience or develop new practice to enhance your artist CV for the future.

For example;

Remember the more comprehensive your Artist CV is to more trust and confidence you will build with others about your professionalism. so what are you waiting for, start your artist CV today……

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