Get ready to launch!

imageslaunchAs a final year student you won’t need reminding that you are coming to the end of your studies. Your time is precious as you work towards your final degree show  and sometimes thinking about your future can get pushed to the bottom of your to do list.

However, taking some time to plan and prepare for your launch will help ensure that your opening night is a success and will support you to launch your career.  Here is my list of quick simple steps to take to ensure that  you will be prepared for your show.

The Degree Show is the best networking opportunity ever!…..So get your business card ready..

You must have business cards for your opening night. Why? Well your business card is the best networking tool that you can have. Build your contacts and network by ensuring that you always swap cards with new contacts. Your business card will have  all your contact details on it and be well designed. If you include and image on it, choose a key image from your show that you love, one that demonstrates your practice and that you can live with for some months as you might be left with some cards after the Degree show. See the Entrepreneur for further advice:

How is your CV?…..

Create a CV that showcases your skills, creative practice and experience.  Remember to keep your CV and business design consistent to help build your brand. There is loads of online advice  regarding CV writing, here are a few links to get you started: Artquest  , Careers-Creative-Living  Creative Blog; Why not bring along your CV to the next GSA Career service CV surgery on Wednesday  8th May Bourdon Lecture Theatre 4-5pm  and get it checked?

Checkout your digital presence….what does Google say about you?

“Lacking a web presence or a digital footprint is probably the biggest mistake I see college students and recent grads making when it comes to social media and job hunting,” says Will Staney, Director of Recruiting and Strategic Programs at SuccessFactors.

A recent report from Jobvite stated that nearly 50 % of recruiters research prospective candidates online.

So, If you do one thing before you graduate check  your online presence and make sure that it is professional. If you have a  facebook profile or social media activity that you don’t want found make sure  it private. And if you only have time to develop one online thing, make it  a Linkedin profile. . Why Linkedin?  Linked in is the fasted growing online professional community. Linked in will help you develop a live CV, upload your portfolio and network with like-minded professionals, employers and opportunity providers and it is one of the tags Google looks for in a search so you will be found quickly by employers.

Aim to stand out from the crowd…….

As a new graduate you are entering a competitive market full of other new graduates vying for opportunity providers and employers attentions. Make sure you stand out from the crowd by knowing what your unique selling point (USP) is i.e. what makes you different from the rest.? Understanding your USP will help you to build your confidence in your practice, skills and experience and enable you to articulate it to others. Developing a short 30 second verbal CV  that  highlights your practice and uniqueness  to others when you meet them is a great way to get a conversation started.Find out more about 30 second verbal CV’s here:

Get informed and seek advice…..

Want to find out more about preparing for your Degree Show and launch ask GSACareers service for the ‘Making the Most of Your Degree Show’ handout or why not make and appointment with the GSA Careers Adviser to discuss your plans and strategy for your launch. Call 0141 353 4787 or email for an appointment  today.

And remember  the career service is available to all GSA Graduates.

GSA Degree Show  opens on Friday 8th June 2013 Good luck to all who are exhibiting!


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