The part time visible and hidden job markets….

40_article2photo1_job-seekerAre you currently looking for a part time job?…

Did you know that 1:5 of the UK workforce are now working part time and that this trend is expected to grow in the coming months. In Scotland the job market has seen improvement  in 2013, with a rise in the number of job vacancies  available.

This is great news if you are currently seeking part time work, however it is important to remember that the market is still competitive and to ensure that you get the job, you will need to be; focused, targeted in your approach and present a professional CV. Find out how to get your preparation right for your part time work job hunt here:

Part time vacancies can be found through the visible and the hidden job market.

The visible job market are jobs that are advertised. These are found in; local newspaper adverts, online job sites, job centres, company websites,  careers fairs , vacancy boards and recruitment agencies. The visible job market is competitive and you will need to act quickly, to secure a position. Gain more information about  ‘visible’ vacancies; by signing up to online vacancy sites, getting the latest opportunities directly to your inbox and by staying focused on specific job areas.Here are some online sites to get you started in your job hunt:

And don’t forget to sign up to the new GSA vacancy handling service here: or our twitter @gsacareers and facebook for vacancy up dates.

It is estimated that 20-30% of job opportunities in the UK are visible, the rest are hidden. The hidden job market operates through individual networks and being proactive in sourcing work through speculative approaches to employers, undertaking placements and joining sector organisations.

If you are new to Glasgow,  the prospect of finding work via the hidden job market may seem like a difficult task as you settle into your new location.  Why not start your hidden job search by attending the GSA career service Part Time Work  event on Wednesday 18th September 2013 Bourdon Lecture Theatre  4-5pm  (see VLE for further details) and gain some advice , ideas and tips on how to successfully develop your networking and speculative job hunt.

Finally, treat your job hunting seriously and be prepared to spend time looking and applying for work.  Take care of your approach and make sure that it is professional, keep a diary of who you have applied to and  be persistent.  A confident motivated job seeker is much more attractive and creates the right impression to an employer than one who is half hearted.

Good luck !

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