Keep calm and see a Careers Adviser

keep-calm-and-see-a-careers-adviserAs a student at GSA the question that you will probably be asked most this holiday season will be…….. ‘What are you going to do when you finish your degree….’

If you have already planned where your next career move will be, then this question is your opportunity to showcase your creative career ambitions and highlight the level of skills, experience and practice that you have been developing over the course of your GSA studies.

However, if this question sends you into a panic…….don’t worry help is at hand. Keep calm and book yourself a careers appointment with the GSA careers adviser to discuss your graduate options.(See this link for full contact details of the GSA Career service )

How can a careers appointment help?……Many students who use the GSA Career service often don’t have a clear idea of what career they wish to enter after graduation and find a careers appointment a useful first step to help them consider their options. A careers appointment is a confidential and objective conversation led by you. During the appointment the careers adviser will ask you lots of questions about your plans/ideas/interests and will offer  focused advice and guidance to help you explore your career options more fully.   In most cases the careers adviser will also help you structure an action plan from the conversation. This is to support you to create goals and actions that will help you to get to the next stage of your career thinking.    

Do I need to prepare anything before my GSA Careers Service appointment?…. To get the most from your career appointment,  it is useful to do some preparation beforehand to help you focus the conversation to your career needs. Top tips to help you prepare for your interview include;

  • Considering what you are interested in gaining advice on such as; your options after your course, specific information on your chosen career, advice on your CV and job seeking strategies etc.  
  • Gathering all your career related information, CV’s and research together to bring to the appointment.
  • Reflecting on and recording your current skills, aptitudes, interests,  motivations and experiences.
  • Recording all your career related ideas.

There are no limits to the number of times you can see a GSA careers adviser and many students use the service multiple times for a range of different reasons related to their career. And remember, a careers adviser will not tell you what to do with your life, make career decisions for you or judge your ideas, their role is to advise and guide you to make informed career decisions and support you as you embark on your career path. 

You can also get involved with the GSA Career services sessions. These sessions are open to everyone,  occur every Wednesday 4-5pm in the Bourdon lecture theatre and cover a range of career topics from; career planning, CV building to networking in the creative industries. Full details of these sessions can be found on the Glasgow School of Art virtual learning environment (VLE) calendar and the GSA Career service Facebook page (located in the events section);

So, the next time you are asked about your plans for after your degree,  make sure you include to say….I am planning to book an appointment to speak with my careers adviser…….

Happy Holidays and looking forward to hearing from you!

GSA Career service

PS don’t forget the GSACareer service is not just for current students… you can also book an appointment as a graduate too. 

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