Creative industries continue to go from strength to strength…

upward-graph-300x225Did you know that the the creative industries is worth £8 million an hour to the UK economy?

This week the Department for Culture, Media and Sport issued a short press release  about the UK Creative Industries. This press release was packed full of data regarding the sector and it is all good news!

  • Growth in the Creative sector for 2012 has been almost 10%. This has significantly out performed the rest of the UK economy.
  • Employment has experienced an increased of 8.6% between 2011 to 2012 and this growth is expected to continue for 2014.

Apart from being really positive news … why is this information important to you as a GSA student?

As a student or new graduate having a good understanding of developments in your sector is core to your professional practice and career  development.    Keeping an eye on the employment activities of your sector (Careers advisers call this Labour market information (LMI)) will help you to gather data and understand; how your sector recruits, types vacancies and opportunities that are available, trends in the market, as well as skills and qualifications required.

This will support you to develop a realistic route to the creative market, make informed career choices  and help you to target your CV to employers and opportunity providers. All of which will give you a competitive edge among other job and opportunity seekers.

Are you currently gathering creative industries LMI? Not sure and want to find out more…come along to the GSA Career service session on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 4-5pm in the Bourdon lecture theatre  and get lots of information on how you can develop your knowledge and support your entry into the creative industries.

Further information:

  • BBC News 15th January 2014:
  • Department of Culture, Media, Sport:
  • DCMS Press Release:

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