Keills Art Competition

Keills Art Competition

Can you produce a winning work of art?

Keills, is a Glasgow-based property fund manager. We are looking to award £200 for a drawing or painting in a cartoon or caricature style that may be used in a forthcoming advert in the quarterly publication napfnews (National Association of Pension Funds) and also on our website.

As a drive to further promote Keills’ outlook on the economy and investment strategy to pension funds and their advisors, we are looking for an original approach to our advertising and want to see your ideas. Is yours the art we are looking for?

The challenge: produce a drawing or painting in a cartoon or caricature style depicting a current economic issue or leading character dealing with an economic problem.

The prize: £200, plus your work credited on our website and in any of our publications.

The details: submissions may carry a strap line, dialogue or other comment to support the image.  Witty and satirical submissions are encouraged and all submissions will be considered but must respect good taste and decency as well as any laws of defamation, libel or slander.

Added information: Keills will add its own dialogue to remainder of the A4 page to convey a particular economic or investment message.

How you work could be used: the winning submission may be used in a forthcoming advert and on our website.

What we’ll accept: the work you submit must be capable of being displayed in printed form and occupying no more than half of an A4 page. While the preference is for a black and white drawing, we’ll also accept colour and painted submissions.

Sorry, but we cannot accept: collage, sculpture, or audio-visual material.

How to submit: send your drawing or painting as a jpeg to Libby Anson, Student Employment & Enterprise Manager,

Deadline: 5pm, Friday 7th March 2014

Any questions: contact Libby Anson:

Further company info: See for more background information.




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