Finding opportunities using social media…

Social-mediaSocial media is fast becoming an important recruitment tool for employers. A recent survey by Jobvite* highlighted some interesting facts regarding the change in employers recruitment practice with;  93% of employers using Linkedin, two thirds of employers using facebook and for the first time over half of employers using twitter to find new staff.

So why is social media driving this change in recruitment? Put simply employers are utilising the referral culture prevalent within social media, where vacancies are shared  potentially reaching wider audiences than traditional vacancy advertising. And it is working, with 72% of Jobvite surveyed employers having successfully recruited  via social media. 

If you are not using social media as a tool within your job seeking strategy you could be missing out on hearing about your ideal job or opportunity.  Here are some simple ways to get your social media supporting your job hunt;

Create a great impression… before you start job hunting,  make sure your own  social media  profile and practice is professional.  Don’t forget  employers will be able to find you too, so make sure what they find is impressive , says professional and showcases your practice at the highest level. Be careful,  if you don’t want your post read online make sure you set your privacy settings correctly so that they are not visible and  remember online posts are permanent.    Find out how to make the most of social media: Creativeboom:

Target…  All good job hunting strategies are targeted.  Define what areas you are interested in finding opportunities within and use it to guide and focus your social media activities. That way you will ensure that all your online  activities will be tailored, relevant and meaningful to your long term plans.

Like and follow… when job hunting make sure that you’ like and follow’ employers and opportunity providers that you are interested in. This not only keeps you up to date with what is happening within your chosen organisations, helping you to find out about vacancies as soon as they are posted,   it will also make you visible to the employer, which is helpful when the job market is competitive. Also setting your social media to alert you to trends and emergent practice will  keep you up to date with your professional field.

Learn to network online another growing trend within recruitment activities is direct referral**.  Be active within social media, join professional groups, share information about practice, network and find new connections.  This will increase your visibility and  help showcase you and your practice to others. It is also an excellent way to find like minded creatives, employers and new contacts who could potentially support you in your job hunting by telling others about you.

Remember that social media can be a helpful tool in your job hunting strategy but should be one aspect of your strategy.  If you are not sure what other activities that you should apply to your job hunting seek further advice from  the GSA Career service  contact us at

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