Artist call out with Atlantic Quay: Atrium Art work


altanticAtlantic Quay is a business community situated by the waterfront in Glasgow’s International Financial Services District. AQ comprises three buildings with underground connectives, these interlink the quay development and form the foundation of Glasgow’s financial district.

The Clyde waterfront has largely been forgotten in Glasgow and AQ aims to turn attention back to the riverside, to make the most of the buildings’ outlook onto the Clyde, and to reflect the spirit of the Clyde back into the work spaces. The ability to walk, run and cycle to work and relax by the riverside are of real benefit to tenants and AQ’s on-site open space allows breathing room that is such a rare benefit in the city centre.

AQ is taking the buildings identity in a Nordic direction – simple, functional and minimal with our branding and colour palette inspired by Nordic aesthetics – clean lines, citrine yellow for the low sun and greys and blues to reflect the waterways. Inside, we plan crisp contemporary Scandinavian interiors to be enhanced by artwork of the same theme. In summary the underlying message in our branding, and in our musical note, is “Stay here with us.”

While being crisp, contemporary and professional we dislike predictability – think more edgy than the norm, more friendly, more forward thinking. We aren’t particularly corporate as operators and want to provide a creative, inspiring workspace for tenants to reflect this.

Visit our website and view our recently commissioned video for more inspiration


AQ is seeking an artist to create a suspended centrepiece for the atrium in AQ1.

The piece will be a focal point within the building, which will become a tenant lounge for informal meetings and break out space.

The artwork will be a permanent feature and due to the construction of the atrium, it must be lightweight. The piece can be a up to 12m in length.

The fee for this project is circa £20,000 pending proposal, and will include production, materials and delivery to Atlantic Quay.

AQ will provide additional support and funds for the installation.

To be considered for this opportunity, please submit a proposal. Include your ideas in writing along with visuals and a demonstration of materials for fabrication. Please provide samples of any previous work you feel has relevance to this project.

Please email for further information.


Creation of the artwork also includes the following benefits:

  • The artist will be invited to host a viewing event at AQ
  • The artist will have access to press coverage through our PR consultants with the intention of gaining exposure in various national and local publications.
  • The piece will feature on our website, magazine, brochures and other literature.
  • AQ will provide advice and support from structural engineers throughout the period of the project.


Monday 12th December 2016                – Proposal submitted to

December 2016                                    – Artist selected

Friday 29th January 2017                      – Provide refined presentation

May 2017 – TBC                                    – Artwork installed

altantic2.jpgImage shows Atrium at present. Please contact to arrange a viewing of the space

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