It’s All Allowed

It’s All Allowed


How the archives of artist Adrian Howells reveal the practical management of his professional practice

Scottish Theatre Archive, University of Glasgow Library Special Collections, Adrienne’s dirty laundry experience, reference STA AHC 1/4/6/1

It’s All Allowed is the acknowledged ‘catchphrase’ of artist, the late Adrian Howells. His extraordinary portfolio details his work as a pioneering live artist, a theatrical performer and leader in the field of intimate one-to-one performances – such as Foot-Washing for the Sole (2008) and Salon Adrienne (2006) – as his alter ego, Adrienne. This is catalogued in the Archives and Special Collections of Glasgow University. The archive offers a unique insight into how the artist managed his creative career in practical terms and is a tangible and fascinating narrative of his professional practice, from its start after graduation in 1984, until 2014.

Peter Morphew, Cataloguing Archivist of the Archives and Special Collections at the University of Glasgow, presents aspects of the collection to illustrate how Howells managed his practice and earned his living from his creativity.

You are invited to learn how he did this and how he made his art his life and work.

WhenWeds 22nd March 2017 

Time: 5.30pm

Where: Barnes Lecture Theatre, Barnes Building, 9 – 11 West Graham Street G4 9LE

Tickets: to attend this free event register on Eventbrite:

(If you are attending from outside of GSA, please contact Libby Anson ( for details of how to gain access to the event).


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