Could you be a Volunteer Glasgow volunteer?

INCLUDED Art Project

Volunteer Glasgow is running the INCLUDED project to enable people with mild to moderate learning disabilities to achieve what they want to do in the community and to help them increase their confidence and resilience.

Volunteer Glasgow want to do this via their active participation in the design and delivery of their service and the project will involve creative activities, probably for public exhibition in some way – to be seen, acknowledged and accepted by the community.

Volunteer Glasgow is a registered charity and they are looking for volunteers to start as soon as possible to support this:

What is the context (where and when)?

The usual format is to have weekly sessions of about 2 hours at the Yoker Resource Centre, but the charity is open to other possibilities.  They would be completely open to a different choice of venue, as they would like their participants to explore the world beyond their homes and the centres they attend.  They are also open to daytime or evening activities.

What time of day and on which days are volunteers needed?

Preferably Wed or Thursday Afternoon 1-3pm – small groups, 2-5 participants. (There is no unsupervised work involved).

What’s the minimum/maximum time commitment for consistency for clients?

Min 12 weekly sessions – with the hope that you would like to continue or become adhoc for seasonal work.

Is the same person needed every week?

The same person due to disclosures and training. However, Volunteer Glasgow is happy to take a block of people to train at the same time to take turns at sessions or working together.

What key skills do applicants need?

  • Reliable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative
  • Friendly
  • Confident
  • Flexible

What checks/ procedures do the applicants need to go through to comply with safety for them and the clients?

PVG plus 2 references.  (As Volunteer Glasgow is a registered charity, there will be no cost attached to this for you).

How should interested folk apply?

In the first instance, contact Ken Fisher, Volunteer Co-ordinator, 07468863918 with name, email and phone number.

The process will then be as follows:

  1. Informal meeting with Ken Fisher, Volunteer Co-ordinator and possibly other INCLUDED staff.  This would be a discussion where we can learn about the students’ relevant skills and experience, e.g. previous volunteering, working with people, responsibilities.  It is also a chance for the students to find out more about us and what we do.
  2. Project outline to be submitted, then agreed by INCLUDED and students.
  3. Induction Session
  4. PVG forms would be completed and references taken up.
  5. Group sessions along with staff members can be started before PVGs are complete

By when do you want applicants to apply to you?


Will students/grads be insured while working on the project?

All volunteers are insured through the parent organisation Yoker Resource Centre.

Will there be payment?

As Volunteer Glasgow is a registered charity, no payment is offered. However, all volunteers will be offered travel expenses, agreed expenses for materials etc., and regular support and supervision from our Volunteer Co-ordinator.

For further information

Contact Ken Fisher, Volunteer Co-ordinator, 07468863918




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