Isle of Mull Distillery: Artist in Residence:


Isle of Mull Distillery -­‐ Artist in Residence
Global award-­‐winning branding agency, threebrand, is working with the Isle of Mull distillery on a very exciting rebrand project.

As part of the rebrand project, art plays a very prominent part in the creative platform we have created for the brand. Our client believes there is a real synergy and harmony in creating whisky and creating art. Both draw inspiration from experiences, the natural environment, colourful characters, travelling and visual experiences. The Isle of Mull has these sensory elements in abundance!

Part of the new activation programme is to have an artist in residence programme, which engages emerging and existing talent from across Scotland.The Facts:

Who we are looking for?

Our client is keen to place a painter as the first artist in residence. This is to reflect the heart of the rebrand /associated packaging. There is no preconception as to the style of painter or the medium used.


The artist will be based at the distillery for 6-­‐8 weeks, expressing their creativity through their art and becoming an integral part of the distillery and island life.
We hope to have the successful candidate in post by August.


Our client is creating a gallery for the artist to showcase their work with the hope of it becoming a great platform to sell their work if they so wish. Mull has a very healthy tourist industry throughout the year so there is a great opportunity for their work to be seen.

The Role

The artist will become part of the distillery family and whilst they are given as much freedom as possible to express themselves and their creativity, they will also become a part of the distillery tour team. There will be a salary based on £600 per month before tax deductions.


Accommodation is provided, for a very minimum fee, in the form of an idyllic cottage set on one of the most scenic isles off the west coast of Scotland. This is part of the distillery building.

The Process

Any candidates wishing to be considered for this opportunity should email:

Sarah Aitken at

No later than Wednesday 18th July. The email should include a digital portfolio (preferably in PDF format) of their work along with a brief synopsis of their inspiration, passion and approach to art.

Submitted portfolios will then be reviewed and if successful candidates will be asked to meet with a selection panel consisting of a representative from the distillery, threebrand and an independent illustrator/artist/published author.

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