Building a plan for your future…

Building a plan for your future…        

The job market has changed dramatically over the last decade. Increased globalisation, the decline of some job roles, fierce competition and limited job security, coupled with difficult economic conditions and higher skill demands from employers,  are all contributing to a complex graduate market.

To add to this, the plethora of post study courses and qualifications available and range of self employment options, it is no wonder that the transition from student to graduate can seem daunting. So, what can you do to help yourself navigate the career choices available to you?

The Career Plan…..

The most effective way to manage your career options is to undertake some career planning activity. Career planning is a staged process that involves combining self-awareness and career research to enable you to make informed career choices. It’s a supportive process that will help you to manage and sustain your progress throughout your career. Good career planning will;

  • Help you to reflect on and articulate your skills, attributes and experiences.
  • Help you to identify and explore all career options and choices that you have.
  • Help you to reflect, compare and consider career options in the context of your own wants, needs and skills, identify suitable options and make realistic career decisions.
  • Help you to create a strategy to enter your career.

Undertaking regular career planning activity will ensure that you will continue to make good career choices as well as build your confidence, network, opportunities and knowledge of your sector. It will also help you to stay flexible, informed and successful in your career ambitions helping you to, find opportunities, move with changing markets, job roles, training and new approaches to work.

To find out more about career planning, see Prospects ‘Features of Career Planning’

or, email for the companion Career Planning handout and come along to the ‘Planning your launch into your sector’,  seminar on Wednesday 7th November 2012 4-5pm Bourdon Lecture Theatre.

And get planning your career today!


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